Robert Walser-Plaque in Biel/Bienne

Last week - on April 15. 2021 (Birthday of Robert Walser) the City Of Biel/Bienne ignaurated the Floor-memorial-plaque of the Birth House of Robert Walser. This Floor-memorial-plaque replaced an old Plaque in the City which had been indicating the wrong place for many years. Indeed, the Walser-Historian Bernhard Echte found out and proved - about 30 years ago - the historical correct location of the writer’s Birth House.

Thanks to the initiative and the work of Biel/Bienne's City-Historian Margrit Wick, the realization and the placement of the Floor-Plaque could - in co-operation with the Schweizer Plastik-Ausstellung - be achieved.

(On the QR-Code is a short description about Robert Walser's Birthplace - written by Bernhard Echte :

Captions for the 5 Pictures:

  1. Floor-Memorial-Plaque (designed by Thomas Hirschhorn)
  2. The old place of the (now removed) plaque on Kanalgasse 30
  3. QR-Code (detail)
  4. On April 15. 2021: Laurence Kauter, Thomas Hirschhorn, Margrit Wick, Beat Cattaruzza (Photo: Enrique Munoz-Garcia)
  5. Thomas Hirschhorn, Selfie April 15. 2021