19:00, Zurich time
Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3zNVDxH
Robert Walser-Zentrum, Bern

In this episode, we will discuss the melancholy of snow. Departing from a short piece read by Susan Bernofsky, snow researcher Martin Schneebeli will talk about his expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, and discuss snow as a visual trope: a clear canvas onto which we project our longings.

Dr. Martin Schneebeli is a Senior Researcher at the WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF based in Davos. His work is focused on snow and firn. He uses micro-tomography to experimentally investigate the physical properties of snow at the micro- and macroscale. He recently conducted expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic.

Moderator: Ada Arendt
reading: Susan Bernofsky (Snow)