The brothers Karl and Robert Walser had contrasting fates. One became a famous painter, the other an unsuccessful writer. After their deaths, the circumstances reversed: Robert became a celebrated author and Karl was forgotten.

Their relationship is initially very close. Both seek their place in the world as artists. Karl illustrates and designs books by Robert. They both grow up in Biel, move away early, live together in Berlin until they drift apart again.

Photographer Dominique Uldry undertakes a photographic journey to the places where the two brothers worked and lived. It is captured in the publication »Seltsame Käuze, wir zwei.« Karl und Robert Walser. In the gallery, we are showing further, unpublished photographs in collaboration with the artist.

The exhibition »Karl and Robert Walser – Places of Work and Life« celebrated its vernissage on 2 September 2020 at the Kornhausforum Bern. The book in German »Seltsame Käuze, wir zwei.« Karl und Robert Walser. Photographien von Dominique Uldry. Essay von Bernhard Echte (Wädenswil: Nimbus 2020) is available in bookshops or directly from the publisher.