The Bernese edition, published by Suhrkamp, is designed as a reading and study edition. It makes Walser's work accessible in a philologically accurate form and includes afterwords and annotations based on the latest research. It will gradually replace the Sämtliche Werke in Einzelausgaben edited by Jochen Greven in 1985/1986. Like its predecessor, it is aimed at a wide readership. It is published as a complement to the Critical Edition of all Prints and Manuscripts (Stroemfeld/Schwabe).

The Bernese edition is being developed at the Robert Walser Centre in Bern and is published on behalf of the Robert Walser Foundation Bern. It is edited by Lucas Marco Gisi, Reto Sorg, Peter Stocker and Peter Utz. The work is funded within the framework of the 'Berner Modell' by the Berner Kantonalbank, the Burgergemeinde Bern, the City of Bern and the Lotteriefonds des Kantons Bern.

Publication plan

From 2020, the Berne edition will release 15 volumes of novels and collections published during the author's lifetime. These will be followed by six volumes of texts published in the Feuilleton. The final volumes planned are those on Walser's extensive estate, which includes the 'Räuber-Roman' and other microscripts.