The Robert Walser Foundation Bern

In 2004, the Robert Walser Foundation Zurich emerged from the Carl Seelig Foundation, whose rights and holdings it assumed. With the approval of the heirs of Carl Seelig—the writer, journalist and patron of the arts, who had died in Zurich on 15 February 1962—Dr. Elio Fröhlich, the executioner of Seelig’s estate, established The Carl Seelig Foundation on 23 December 1966.

In 1967, Mrs. Fanny Hegi-Walser transferred her ownership of Robert Walser’s literary estate to the Carl Seelig Foundation, with the request that all current and future holdings are to be stored and made available for scientific study through a Robert Walser Archive. The Archive, which also absorbed the Carl Seelig estate, was established in 1973, one year after Mrs. Hegi-Walser’s death.

In 1996, the Carl Seelig Foundation, at the wish of the writer’s many friends, initiated the formation of the Robert Walser Society. In 2004, it was first renamed the Robert Walser Foundation Zurich, and, after its eventual relocation to Bern in 2009, the Robert Walser Foundation Bern.

The Robert Walser Foundation Bern seeks and develops its own support projects. Unsolicited proposals or documents will not be considered or returned.

Board of Trustees: Dr. Victor Schmid, Zug, (President); Dr. Anina Barandun, Zurich; Dr. Jacqueline Burckhardt, Zurich (Vice President); Dr. Marie Caffari, Bern; Amina Chaudri, Zürich; Beat Glur, Bern; Gianna Molinari, Zurich; Prof. Dr. Peter Utz, Lausanne; Karl-Martin Wyss, Spiegel/BE.