Book presentation: Aah ... Aha! Albumatlas by Peter Radelfinger and Michael Glasmeier on 24 November 2022

Invitation to the book presentation on 24 November 2022, at 6 p.m. in the Robert Walser Centre.

Peter Radelfinger and Michael Glasmeier in conversation.
Moderation: Reto Sorg

The publication Aah...Aha ! Albumatlas consists of almost all of the 2,000 original worksheets (illustrated in small format) from Peter Radelfinger's graphic research Aah...Aha! of the same name. In addition, Michael Glasmeier has written a rambling text - appropriate to the occasion - entitled Aah...Aha!gressionen in twenty-two sections. Artist and author understand the book as an independent work that attempts to continue the thinking and research character of the drawing series and to make it visible and alive in its entirety.

Aah...Aha! exemplifies thinking in and with pictures. The aim is neither to illustrate elaborated thoughts nor to think "about the pictures". Rather, the aim is to think with the pictures and starting from them, so that the possibility arises to see thoughts emerging from the pictures themselves.

The worksheets of Aah...Aha! consist of original felt-tip pen drawings in A4 format, which are reworked several times in analogue and digital form and partly assembled with diagrams. In this drawing work cycle there are no "originals" in the traditional sense. The research is a hybrid of traditional and technical image work.

Parallel to publication, this hybrid form of research enables a variety of expanded forms of expression and presentation. Thus, animated drawings, exhibition formats and installations, specific editions, digital formats, performative lectures emerge simultaneously from the production of the worksheets.

The publication was produced in close collaboration with the publishing house Jungle Books, St. Gallen.

Peter Radelfinger and Michael Glasmeier: Aah ... Aha! Albumatlas, Jungle Books, 196 pages, CHF 38.-, ISBN: 978-3-9525726-2-7
The publication can be ordered from Jungle Books.